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Rain, Rain, Go Away…

So… it poured yesterday. Absolutely non-stop, build an ark-type of poured. Kayla, Jake, their families, bridesmaids, and groomsmen tried to go about the details of wedding prep with positive thoughts of sun and clear skies shining above the outdoor, afternoon wedding at Botanica.

But it looked doubtful.

Until about an hour and a half before the ceremony. The rain stopped. The clouds parted. The gloom lifted. It was a wedding day miracle- with a catch. The couple would not be allowed to hold the ceremony in the meadow that had been prepared. So, everyone dug in and dried chairs and tables on the stone patio. The wedding arch and flowers that had decorated the meadow were moved. And… everything came together.

It was a beautiful day. Fitting for a beautiful bride.

Even though the skies cleared to a lovely, bright blue… we could not resist playing with the theme of rain in some of the photos of the day. 🙂



Family and friends gathered to fill Botanica. And these two families became officially united.


And Kayla and Jake also became officially united. And what a party it was!


Marking the Moment Photography, a Wichita photography studio, happily serves brides, grooms and families, no matter the weather. 🙂 Call Norma at (316)648-7498 to book your wedding.

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Wichita Wedding Photographers: When Love is Fun

You know what the good book says about love… love is patient. Love is kind. Love endures all things. And all of that, thank goodness, is absolutely true. But love can also be… just plain fun.


Tish and Chris have fun together. And this is going to take them far in life. Because, as we all know, life is full of serious. Serious responsibilities. Serious situations. Serious letters that we have to sign for. And serious choices we need to make. Before we know it, we can both feel and behave as very somber adults. One of the best antidotes to this malady is to be married to your partner-sidekick-best friend.


Someone who gets your jokes- someone who even laughs at them. Someone who likes the shows you like to watch after a hard day. Someone to dance with in the living room. Someone you want to be with on cold mornings, rainy days and while waiting in line.  It’s easy to be with someone during the magical times.


But a lucky couple goes through life with that someone who makes the ordinary times feel magical.

Chris and Tish have this in one another. The only problem is…. sometimes they may have… too much fun.


It’s okay though. They have each other. And they both have medical training.

Thanks for looking in on this sneak peek of Tish and Chris, and their big day. A full look will come after the honeymooning bride and groom have seen all of their images.

Know a couple who is engaged or who is about to get engaged? Marking the Moment Photography serves brides and grooms on the way to their wedding day, and at their wedding in Wichita. We also shoot destination weddings too.

Email: Norma@MarkingTheMomentPhotography.com.
Facebook address: www.Facebook.com/markingthemomentphotography.
Twitter: @MarkingMomntPix
Instagram: instagram.com/markingmomentpix

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Wichita Wedding Photographers: Jim and Mary’s Engagement Session


Jim and Mary have one of the most romantic engagement stories ever! And Patrick got to be involved through the years.

Back in the day, when Patrick and Jim were young pups, they were in several bands together. As happens with bands there was a large group of friends who hung out together. Mary was a part of this group.


Bands broke up. People went on to other things. People stayed with music. People moved all across the country. Through the years, Patrick stayed in touch with both Mary and Jim, although Mary and Jim had fallen out of touch with each other. Several years ago, Mary unearthed a group photo from the very earliest band days. She, while living in Wichita, KS, found who she thought might be Jim on Facebook. She messaged Jim asking, “Is this you? Third on the right?” That started a conversation with Jim, who was living in Monterey, CA. Mary traveled to California often to visit family. Jim traveled to Wichita to visit his family. One thing led to another and soon they were traveling often to visit each other.


They fell in love and became engaged. That’s a cool story. But wait… there’s more.

Through the years Mary had become fond of the work of artist, Gustav Klimt. You know… the guy who painted “The Kiss.” But she was particularly fond of his landscapes. This landscape of Malcesine Castle in Verona, Italy hung over her couch. See it featured in their engagement session photos?


Mary and Jim decided this would be an ideal place to be married, and so they were! Some photos of this Italian wedding are featured in the previous blog post.


Here are Jim and Mary on their hotel balcony in front of the castle where we all celebrated this love story that was years in the making.


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Wichita Wedding Photographers: Love at an Italian Castle

Jim and Mary sittin’ in a tree, Jim and Mary flying over the sea,
Saying “I do,” while in Italy.


Welcome to the sneak peek preview of Mr. and Mrs. Koch’s European wedding adventure.


Full blog post to come soon!


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Engagement Session: Heather and Jeff

Heather is a smart, tall, beautiful blonde who loves animals. Jeff is a handsome charmer who loves the Chiefs. Together they are a couple in love with a dog named Chief and a cat named Roscoe. Actually… they are both Chiefs fans and animal lovers.

We love working with these two. They are open to our ideas. AND they bring an eager energy and ideas of their own to a shoot.

They are getting married this October. We are thrilled for them and looking forward to capturing the moments of their wedding day. We hope to be their photographers for life! 🙂



In love? At Marking the Moment Photography, we place emphasis on fun during our relaxed shoots. We allow an unlimited time to get the right pictures. A relaxed and fun session translates into portraits you’ll treasure! Call Norma at (316) 648-7498 and reserve your spot today! www.MarkingTheMomentPhotography.com. Email: Norma@MarkingTheMomentPhotography.com. Facebook address: www.Facebook.com/markingthemomentphotography. Twitter: @MarkingMomntPix

And smooch the one you love!

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