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When Networkers Become Clients: Ain’t No Love Like a Nana’s Love

I have known Kristy for several years. We met through BNI (Business Networking International). We belong to one of the Wichita, Kansas chapters- the Referral Rockstars. We have bonded over our mutual love of occasional Netflix binge-watching of Game of Thrones (Winter is coming, you know- Season 6 will arrive in April), a desire to succeed as businesswomen and… our sisterhood as Nanas. We are, we hope, cool Nanas. And we are in it deep- completely committed to these young loves of ours who know us as grandparents.

Kristy with Cole, 10; Gage, 5; and Jenna, 2

Kristy with Cole, 10; Gage, 5; and Jenna, 2

Before grandchildren stole her heart with their fingers sticky from S’Mores they made in her fireplace, their sweet earthy scent from their hikes through Great Plains Nature Center their giggles, and their mutual admiration for all things Minion, her heart belonged to Fred. She and Fred have known each other since 7th grade and have been married for 47.5 years. And, of course there were her children, Micah and Sarah who spent many of their formative years in Valley Center, Kansas where Kristy has lived for 27 years.


Kristy belongs to the Valley Center Chamber of Commerce. She also co-founded the Valley Center Animal League and volunteers for the organization. She is active at Wichita Uninty Church. She is generous with her time and talents, loving and warm. She is one of those people you feel you’ve known for years once you meet her. Only a few people ever pull this off. Kristy does.

Kristy owns and runs Prairie Song Designs, Inc. in Valley Center. Her company designs websites for clients who appreciate aesthetics. The Prairie Song Designs folks are web designers, not web developers, which sound way more fun! They are also graphic designers.

If you have the opportunity to do business with Kristy, do it. She is a woman of integrity whom I completely trust. And you’ll end up with an attractive web site. I mean… be honest… do you have one of those now??

If you have the opportunity to share a cup of coffee with Kristy, also do it. Ask her about how she went to China for two weeks. Or ask her about how, if she were secretly rich, she would have a small apartment in cities all over the world. This is SO much cooler than having a mansion in one place, right?! Or ask her about how she’d love to live in the mountains. She’ll keep you entertained no matter the topic.

But the way to Kristy’s heart is to ask about her loves… her family. That’s where her treasure is.


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