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When You Marry Your Best Friend

Seventeen years ago Melisa and Javier met at a birthday party he was throwing for a co-worker of theirs. This was a significant party: sixteen years ago this month Melisa and Javier got married.


The couple celebrated their sixteenth anniversary earlier this month by taking a weekend getaway to a bed and breakfast- something they like to do.

They have three children, Bryce, Ella and Daniel.


Bryce is a “band geek,” can play several musical instruments and would like to be a music teacher one day. Daniel is a “gamer,” who enjoys his x-box and tablet and would like to be a photographer. Ella is a dancer who has danced for 7 of her 9 years and would like to be a teacher. The family shares their home with their three dogs, Sissy, Snowball and Tuck and their guinea pig, Buzz. Most of the time every one gets along pretty well. 🙂

I know that Bryce is fond of pancakes and during our shoot with the family, I revealed our family secret for particularly fluffy pancakes: add carbonated soda instead of milk to the batter. We often use sugar-free peach flavored carbonated water. Colorless is best. The carbonation works wonders to raise the cakes to fluffy treats.


The guys in the family like to camp and fish. But they- all three- are good about spending time with mom.


The girls in the family enjoy shopping and scrapbooking, though Ella is a bit of a Daddy’s girl.

Melisa works as a para-professional in the same school her daughter attends. She is also a Mary Kay Cosmetics consultant who would be happy to help you feel and look your lovliest.  Melisa’s Mary Kay Page Javier is a manager at Spirit AerosSystems. This is a local family with deep-running ties to the community, having always lived in Wichita. They were a delight during their photo shoot. This is a family who laughs together and enjoys one another’s company.

But what I love most about this family is that, at it’s heart, is the love of two clear soul mates. “My favorite thing about Javier is that he works really hard to provide for his family. No matter what, he loves me and puts me above all else. He is my best friend!!!!”

As a woman who is also blessed enough to be married to her best friend- I know this is the best way to go. And I know that more happy years are in store for this couple and their whole family. Because when you go through life surrounded by those you love, you are waaaayyyyyy ahead of the game.


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When Networkers Become Clients: Tanya and the Gift of Referrals


This lady is a gift to our studio; Tanya is a referral machine; she regularly sends her clients to us.

Tanya has been with Mary Kay cosmetics for three years and debuted as an Independent Sales Director in February. She is passionate about her career and dedicated to her clients. She is bubbly and gorgeous and constantly smiling. I asked what her guilty pleasure is… and she enjoys reading US magazine while in a bubble bath. lol But make no mistake- she is a smart businesswoman with great marketing ideas and impeccable follow-through.


I met Tanya while filling in as a substitute for a member of her chapter of BNI, an international networking group. We got to talking about her business, and I asked if she ever worked as a make-up artist because we  offer hair and make-up for bridal portrait sessions (Yes, you should get a picture in your gorgeous wedding dress on a day when you are not getting married, hosting hundreds of people and fighting the clock). Tanya sells cosmetics. And she educates people about cosmetics. But she does not apply make-up in the way we need. Conventional wisdom would suggest that she and I didn’t have much in common and might just remain two women who know each other vaguely- two business owners, in different fields, who attend different chapters of BNI and do not live near each other.


But Tanya, as I say, approaches her business creatively, and she called me. She realized that, when women feel confident, as great cosmetics can make them feel, they may want a  glamour portrait, or a family portrait, or a bridal portrait. And she began to gift her clients with photo sessions. This is a win for her clients. This makes her feel good. And this is great for our studio.

See? I told you this woman is a gift! And what better day to feature her on our blog than Christmas Eve?!

Patrick and I wish only great things for this beautiful powerhouse and her sweet husband, Randy. Tanya’s business motto is: “Happiness is Everything.” And I hope their lives are filled to the brim with happiness. I have a feeling it will be because they have good attitudes toward life.


Need a beauty consultant and not already working with a Mary Kay representative? Tanya is always accepting new faces. Even though she’s a director, she will always be doing what she loves- teaching woman how to pamper their skin and coax out their best, loveliest selves. Plus she’s fun while doing it. 🙂

She can be found at: http://www.marykay.com/tanyahoran

At Marking the Moment Photography, we place emphasis on fun during our relaxed shoots. We always allow an unlimited time to get the right pictures of your family. A relaxed family and a fun session translates into portraits you’ll treasure! Call Norma at (316) 648-7498 and reserve your session today! www.MarkingTheMomentPhotography.com.
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Instagram: instagram.com/markingmomentpix

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