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Tacky Christmas Sweaters For the Win


“We want one picture in our tacky Christmas sweaters,” said client Jamie during our phone consultation to plan details of her family session. This was the first time I’d ever had a client say this to me. And these words indicate how fun Clint, Jamie and their little son, Graham, are. They are quick with a laugh and very easy to be around. It’s probably because they are so happy with each other.


They’ve been married several years. But they’ve known each other since attending the same high school. Back then they didn’t hang out. But when they ended up attending the same college, they became great friends. That solid base of friendship lasted until Jamie graduated, two years after Clint. Then they dated. She grew to love how compassionate Clint is. He fell in love with how she brings out the best in people. He could always make her laugh… even when she didn’t want to.

Now they have a happy, happy baby boy. A marriage. A home. A great life together.  A shared love of the Marvel Universe. Jamie’s favorite is Captain America. Clint’s fave is Spiderman. And Graham falls asleep surrounded by all these superheroes- and their superhero buddies- in his room each night.

And let’s not forget Watson.


Watson was found in a neglected state, and brought to Herndon’s Vet Clinic where Jamie works as a vet tech. She tried to find his owners/home. But to no avail. And he was sweet. And Clint loves dachshunds. And they’d talked about getting a dog… Some things are meant to be.

If you need Watson, he’ll no doubt be hanging out very close to his people, possibly snuggling under a blanket. If you need Graham, he’ll no doubt be smiling about something. If you need Clint and Jamie, they may be enjoying their ritual of “Couch Time,” just sitting together and discussing their day.

And really… your day could only get better by spending time with this family. Just look at the sweaters. These are fun people!


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