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When Networkers Become Clients: Safe and Secure

Do you ever have that feeling, while you’re out enjoying an evening with friends, that Joe Q. Burglar could be rifling through your valuables? Do you ever hear a noise at night and think, “Someone could be breaking in right now and I wouldn’t even know it!” Thankfully I am not plagued by these concerns, and haven’t been for nearly two years. We met Zane at our chapter of BNI (Business Networking International). I’ll admit, at first I was a little intimidated by Zane. He’s a broad-shouldered guy of big stature and he runs a home security business. I did not expect him to be warm and fuzzy.


But I got to know Zane, and I found him to be a good guy. Dependable. A devoted father to his daughter, Makinley. He is the type of guy I’d like to have for a neighbor. We talked to him about the service his company offers… and we knew Premier Security, LLC was for us. Soon after our security system was installed, we left to visit my family in Chicago. Knowing that a piercing alarm would sound if anyone broke a window or opened a door, a call would be placed to security monitoring who would call us and, if needed, the police, a motion sensor would also trigger an alarm if anything moved inside our home that should not be there, and that I could both monitor and adjust our thermostat and lights (both indoor and outdoor) while enjoying Thanksgiving dinner 700 miles away… knowing all of this gave me a peace of mind that was worth FAR more than the low amount we pay each month.

As parents of lovely young women and as grandparents to precious little souls, we appreciate that our home is secure. It isn’t always just our stuff that is important. Sometimes those little children nap here. And, as a Dad, Zane knows what we know- the people we love in life- they are our most valuable treasure. Whether we are home or away, we are offered security.


Premier Security, LLC has served clients in Derby, Wichita and outlying areas since 2008. Zane has been a resident of Derby since 2006. He enjoys watching, coaching and participating in all sports. Makinley plays softball, basketball and volleyball and sings in the choir. Together, Zane and Makinley like to attend sporting events, go to movies, eat out and cook together. They have a relaxed, close relationship- of which humor and good-natured teasing seems to be a foundation.


They are fond of the Pittsburgh Steelers. These are fighting words in my old stomping grounds of northeast Ohio where the rivalry between the Cleveland Browns and the Steelers is real, alive and brooding. But, Zane and I negotiate this territory deftly- as only friends can.

Speaking of Cleveland, a super cool and totally factual piece of trivia about Zane is that he was once offered a minor league contract to play for the Cleveland Indians. I went to Indians games when I was growing up… back before they played at Progressive Field. Back even before they played at Jacob’s Field. We went to those games when it was called plain old Municipal Stadium. Who knew I’d meet Zane all these years later and we’d have this Indians link between us? It helps with the whole Steelers thing. Plus he likes dogs, and has one himself- a 5 year old German Shepherd (because what did you expect a security guy to have?!) named Hershey.


I asked Zane, if he could live in a super hero’s fortress, that was completely secure, where would it be and what special features would it have?

“I already have said super hero fortress,” he said, “and while I can’t tell you where it is, I will say that it’s fortified with Premier Security: motion-activated alarm triggers, cameras, and automation.”

Zane also offers home theater design installation and service. But that’s a whole other blog.


If you want a sense of security and safety in your home, call Zane at: (316)264-4646 and/or check out their web site at: www.PremierProSecurity.com

If you have people, in or out of your home you would like photographed, call Norma at (316) 648-7498 and reserve your session today! www.MarkingTheMomentPhotography.com.
Email: Norma@MarkingTheMomentPhotography.com.
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Photography Business Protection: LLC

When Norma and I were in our attorney’s office getting our shiny new Limited Liability Company for Marking the Moment Photography, LLC, our attorney, who also happens to be one of my two best friends, brought out a business card from when we were partners in probably 1975 in a Wichita business venture called “Creative Photography by McCafferty”. This was a card that I was always proud of; I thought it was clever that it was actually a photograph printed on photo paper with the edges of the 35mm film visible. That was in the days before Photo Shop and Word and even Word Perfect But I had lots of photography paper and time to spend in the darkroom. I remember anguishing over the vinyl stick-on letters worrying about whether they were straight and spaced correctly. I was shocked when I found that some people whom I formerly respected thought it looked cheap and amateurish. I just considered they didn’t understand the depth of its creativity.

Michael and I moved on to other things: I went on to the aircraft business (and later back to photography!), and he went to school, became a lawyer and opened his own business. So now he has a wealth of knowledge to offer a new business owner, as well as some essential legal advice and business protections such as that of the LLC. So there is some truth to that old cartoon where the guy is reading the will and says “and to my beloved attorney I leave…” I always share my lawyer jokes with Michael. Sometimes I think he surely doesn’t appreciate them all, but he always smiles pleasantly and laughs politely. To my beloved attorney I leave my heart, my respect and my gratitude. Thank you my dear brother for loving me and taking care of me — even in those times I didn’t deserve it. Especially in those times.

Now that we have our LLC, we would love to take your family portraits or pictures of your newborn. Of course that LLC (or anything else in our photography business) doesn’t guarantee that we will be able to be everything to everyone: We are passionate about making your experience with us fun, and we want to document that beautiful little boy or girl. Kids are not such a challenge; everyone can see how beautiful they are. They show it off without thinking. We also want to find that beautiful boy or girl deep inside very adult and capture the love and zest we know is in there. Call Norma at (316) 648-7498 to get information on a photo session with Marking the Moment Photography: Patrick and Norma McCafferty.

If you would like information on an LLC in Wichita Kansas, please call Michael McCafferty, Attorney at Law, www.mccaffertylaw.com, at (316) 613-2008

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