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Carlos, Kibbles and Their People





We have a sweet dog who has kept me going through the loss of a parent, who has lovingly watched over our grandchildren from their infancy and who, just as your dog does for you, loves us unfailingly. Lexi is, most of the time, a well behaved dog.

One weekend, though, we boarded her at our trusted vet’s kennel while we worked with a bride in Kansas City. Upon our return, Hannah informed us that Lexi had figured out how to undo the clasp on the doors and had treated herself to free roam of the place on Saturday after staff went home. Instead of delivering this news with disdain, Hannah smiled her pretty, slightly shy smile. Her gentleness allowed us to feel okay about our dog’s misbehavior. And I’ve always remembered that.

Hannah, a beautiful young woman, is married to her high school sweetheart, Tyler. And Carlos and Kibbles round out their cute family.



Hannah and Tyler could have easily missed meeting each other. Hannah had always lived in Derby, KS and attended Derby schools. She moved right before her senior year in high school. “A tough time to move!” I commented. “It was hard. But it worked out,” she said with that sweet smile, and glanced at Tyler, whom she met during their shared senior year.


Tyler is a quiet guy who loves the outdoors. He is a fire sprinkler installer. And this, if you have ever lived through a fire, you realize is a hugely important job.

Hannah loves that Tyler enjoys the outdoors. And though Tyler appreciates the same quality in Hannah, his favorite thing about her is her eyes. They love hanging out together, especially outdoors. They love riding horses. But even a walk outside with their pals Carlos and Kibbles makes them happy.

Carlos is a lap dog, preferring to stay near his people. Kibbles, though, is spunky and outgoing and will gladly leave Hannah and Tyler for a bit if a good squirrel chase is in the offering.

I know Lexi is in good hands with Hannah. And that means the world to me. We should all be so lucky as to have a Hannah in our lives. I know that’s how Carlos and Kibbles feel. And Tyler, too.


We love Herndon’s Vet Clinic!

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