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Everyday Moments, Casual Family Portraits


Some family portrait sessions are quite formal with everyone gathered in front of the mantle in their Sunday best. Some family portrait sessions are more casual with everyone in jeans at the park or in shorts at the beach. But there is a place for another type of photo shoot- one that captures the everyday moments of your life.What are the routines, the traditions, the activities that make your family… uniquely and personally your family?

Do you make cookies together on rainy days? How cute would that photo shoot be? Think aprons, sprinkles, little faces smiling over cookie sheets full of mounds of dough, glasses of milk, milk mustaches.

Do you shoot baskets together in the evenings? Play Scrabble together? Watch movies in your pajamas? Whatever it is… document it, photograph it. And print a copy of your favorite image. Hang it on the fridge, or frame it and hang it in the hallway. Use it as a bookmark. But… capture moments of your family enjoying one another… or hire a photographer to do it. And then enjoy the photos- real photos that can be held and shared in a manner other than in a phone.


Families spend awesome, sweet, tender and funny moments together in pajamas. Why not document this part of your family’s life together?


What would you give for a sweet photo of your parents playing with you? Tucking you in? Snacking on popcorn or cocoa in front of a fire with you when you were little?


Remember? You even liked your sister back then.


You work hard to make sure everyone is clean and safe, that homework is done, the dog is fed, the car is locked and the milk is put back in the fridge. As a parent, you have lots of plates spinning in the air. But just as we are all advised to stop, take a breath, take in our blessings, realize what we have and allow gratitude to take root in our hearts (great advice for all of us), I say let’s take it a step farther. Let’s document a few of the lesser moments… the everyday moments… the casual moments… the moments our kids will recognize as those that truly fill our family life… and pass these down in the form of photos.

At Marking the Moment, our Wichita, Kansas photography studio, we believe in the power of your everyday moments. And we support your ability to capture these. But we are also happy and available to shoot these photos for you if that feels more comfortable and like one less task on your list. We are happy to come to your home while your routine or activity unfolds. Call Norma with questions or to reserve a session: (316) 648-7498.

Email: Norma@MarkingTheMomentPhotography.com.
Facebook address: www.Facebook.com/markingthemomentphotography.
Twitter: @MarkingMomntPix
Instagram: instagram.com/markingmomentpix


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Walter’s Pumpkin Patch — Wichita Family Photographer

Looking for something to do in this beautiful autumn weather? We took the whole family, grown kids and grandkids to the pumpkin patch. I was skeptical about a pumpkin patch outing. I found three prime candidates, and they all seemed to involve a long drive from Wichita. And really, how fun can a pumpkin patch be? We let our three grown girls vote for the pumpkin patch of their choice… and we ended up heading to Walter’s Pumpkin Patch. And I have to tell you — I was wrong. How fun can a pumpkin patch be? Super fun!

Walter’s has:
Swings, trains, pumpkins,


Fun stuff for adults,


Fun for dads and daughters,


Tons of family activities,


Horses to ride and horses that fly!


Photo-op stops galore,


And doors to explore,


Friendly skeletons,


S’Mores stops, Halloween golf, giant tree houses, a pumpkin cannon, pumpkin sling shots, train rides, tall curvy slides, rides out to the pumpkin patch, a gift shop and much more.


Do yourselves a favor, if you are thinking, at all, of a fall family outing — choose Walter’s Pumpkin Patch. This skeptic will be returning next year!

Planning a family gathering through the holidays? This can be a great time to update your family portrait; everyone is there, they’re happy and looking their best. We offer a HOME FOR THE HOLIDAYS photo package and can travel to work with your extended family or your immediate family.

Call Norma at (316) 648-7498 and reserve your spot today! www.MarkingTheMomentPhotography.com.
Email: Norma@MarkingTheMomentPhotography.com.
Facebook address: www.Facebook.com/markingthemomentphotography.
Twitter: @MarkingMomntPix
Instagram: instagram.com/markingmomentpix

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Happy New Year! Sort of.


When I was growing up, my family had it’s issues. But one thing my family did very well was to get together and celebrate. Big meals. Wedding receptions. Holidays. Birthdays. Summer BBQs. Even wakes were full of stories and laughter. We celebrated together at parties like these. Lots of food, music, laughter. Even all these years later- it is how we are most comfortable together. Some music, some food, a punchline or two… and the Kellys are off and running. When my family is in full crazy, loud and goofy mode– those are some of the happiest times of my life. They always have been. In the darkness that was our early start to life… we knew how to make each other laugh.

So when I became the Bonus Mom to three daughters… I drew on what I knew. Gather everyone around a meal. Create an excuse to gather. We’re not Mexican. So what… let’s have a Cinco de Mayo dinner. Want a pinata? Birthdays? Of course we’ll gather. Game Night once a month. Because really… does the occasion matter? Sure sometimes if it is an especially significant achievement- a graduation, or a new job. But often any ole reason will do just fine. Sometimes it’s just our family. Sometimes it’s extended family.


Our house is not a showplace- it could use some TLC in a few areas. And the rooms get crowded- more space would always be nice. But if I wait until everything is perfect, we’d never get together. So Patrick makes pancakes and the (now grown) girls come for a Valentine’s breakfast. Or we turn on the TV and cheer on the Shockers (if you are reading this and you are not local, the Wichita State Shockers sports teams have had an OUTSTANDING couple of seasons. Go Shox!!)

Because what I know is this: the real wealth in life is time spent with family and friends. And that is a treasure that should never, ever be taken for granted. And it is a gift that should be enjoyed often.


I want our girls, and our grandchildren to remember laughter in our home, meals enjoyed together, S’Mores made in the back yard, silly traditions we created that somehow became significant traditions… because they became our traditions. I want them to remember how the house smelled like home-cooked meals when they came in for a family night, and how we were at our best when we were together.

So… I decided to have everyone over for a Christmas in July dinner. But our dishwasher broke last week. I am strongly pro-family gatherings. But I am anti-washing mountains of dishes by hand. So we ordered a new dishwasher and pushed the gathering back a week for… New Year’s Eve in July.

New Year’s Eve in July. Yeah. It’s a new thing. It may become a tradition. It may not. We’ll let you know in a year or two.


There was a traditional turkey and ham holiday dinner menu. There were balloons. There was a countdown (at 7pm instead of midnight because there are small children involved). We counted down. Couples kissed at fake-midnight. We clinked glasses and toasted. Balloons fell. We listened to “Auld Lang Syne.” New Year’s Eve in July… on July 31st. Five months before the rest of the world celebrates “real” New Year’s Eve.

But that’s how we roll. Happy New Year! Celebrate soon with those you love.


Marking the Moment Photography is a Wichita, Kansas studio who specializes in children’s and family photography. We have a clean, smoke-free studio in north riverside Wichita, between the two branches of the Arkansas River, and a minute away from Riverside Park. We create a stress-free atmosphere for your family photo sessions so they can feel like a fun outing instead of a chore, and so family portraiture can become an enjoyable family tradition though the years. Call Norma at (316)648-7498 for questions or to to book a session.

Email: Norma@MarkingTheMomentPhotography.com.
Facebook address: www.Facebook.com/markingthemomentphotography.
Twitter: @MarkingMomntPix
Instagram: instagram.com/markingmomentpix

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I like a full house.
I like the sounds and the energy of family and friends celebrating big moments — like the safety and health of a premature grandson.
Or celebrating a winning season of the local team. Go Shox!
Patrick and I are blessed in so many ways, and we make a point to recognize this each day.
Whether you have a birthday, a game, the acquisition of the perfect pair of shoes or the loss of 5 lbs — or no reason at all — play with your people.
Life is too short not to.
Here is our grandson, Landon. The first family party he attended was to celebrate the Shockers invitation to The Big Dance.

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Wichita Family Photographers: Chinese New Year


On Sunday, according to the Chinese zodiac, the Year of the Dragon will draw to an end and make way for the Year of the Snake. At MTMP, we don’t know all the subtleties of the celebration of the Chinese New Year. But we LOVE celebrations! And this one lasts one full week. There will be fireworks, feasts and mah-jong games aplenty. Plus, we have these festive ornaments. So, happy Chinese New Year. May the Year of the Snake kiss you instead of bite you.

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Wichita Family Photographers: Decorating Christmas Cookies

This week, our family got hit by the influenza type A bus. But before this sad development, we shared an annual family tradition: Decorating Christmas Sugar Cookies!

Wichita_Family_Photographers_20121216_0007 Wichita_Family_Photographers_20121216_0006 Wichita_Family_Photographers_20121216_0003

This year the dough was gluten free. The icing was neon-colored.


As always there were festive aprons a bison cookie cutter (no one is completely sure how this custom originated. But we think it has something to do with both the state of Kansas and Maureen. We won’t even talk about the darker tradition of  Red Hots as representations of infection.)


Also there were more traditional cookie shapes.


Aunt Emalee prepared brunch, Scout watched for crumbs to fall, Karter tried on the piano for size.


There was an ornament that reminded us of the scene from a Harry Potter movie.


And there was a super cool Christmas fedora AND Christmas mustaches!

Wichita_Family_Photographers_20121216_0016 Wichita_Family_Photographers_20121216_0010 Wichita_Family_Photographers_20121216_0009

It was a good morning. We have a great family. We wish you great fun and enjoyment with your family. Up with traditions!

Wichita_Family_Photographers_20121216_0002 Wichita_Family_Photographers_20121216_0011

If cookie decorating is not your speed, no worries. Just grab someone you love and dance!

Wichita_Family_Photographers_20121216_0005 Wichita_Family_Photographers_20121216_0013

Marking the Moment Photography is available to capture your family photographically. Check out our website or call for information on our Home for the Holidays program. Call Norma at (316) 648-7498 and reserve your time today! www.MarkingTheMomentPhotography.com. Email: Norma@MarkingTheMomentPhotography.com. Facebook address: www.Facebook.com/markingthemomentphotography. Twitter: @MarkingMomntPix

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Wichita Family Photographers | Happy St. Nicholas Day!

When I was little, on the evening of December 5,  my mom would instruct me to set a pair of shoes (often saddle shoes that I wore with my school uniform) in the hall outside my bedroom door. The next morning my shoes held treats “left by Saint Nicholas.” Almost always there was a tangerine. A cookie or candy. Maybe a cool pencil or eraser for school that day.

Today is the feast day of Saint Nicholas.

On December 5, we fill a basket with goodie bags, that almost always hold a tangerine among other things. We instruct family to leave shoes on their porch. And we drive around town filling the shoes, carrying on the tradition of Saint Nicholas… and my mom.

It’s fun for us, and the recipients enjoy the gifts, modest as they are.

This is a season rich with traditions. Enjoy yours.

BL_IMG_5529 BL_IMG_5530 BL_IMG_5554 BL_IMG_5556 BL_IMG_5560

Start a tradition of having your family portraits made while your loved ones are together! With our Home for the Holidays program, we can do this for you, even in your home AND even during holiday weeks! Call Norma at (316) 648-7498 and reserve your spot today! www.MarkingTheMomentPhotography.com. Email: Norma@MarkingTheMomentPhotography.com. Facebook address: www.Facebook.com/markingthemomentphotography. Twitter: @MarkingMomntPix

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