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When Networkers Become Clients: Safe and Secure

Do you ever have that feeling, while you’re out enjoying an evening with friends, that Joe Q. Burglar could be rifling through your valuables? Do you ever hear a noise at night and think, “Someone could be breaking in right now and I wouldn’t even know it!” Thankfully I am not plagued by these concerns, and haven’t been for nearly two years. We met Zane at our chapter of BNI (Business Networking International). I’ll admit, at first I was a little intimidated by Zane. He’s a broad-shouldered guy of big stature and he runs a home security business. I did not expect him to be warm and fuzzy.


But I got to know Zane, and I found him to be a good guy. Dependable. A devoted father to his daughter, Makinley. He is the type of guy I’d like to have for a neighbor. We talked to him about the service his company offers… and we knew Premier Security, LLC was for us. Soon after our security system was installed, we left to visit my family in Chicago. Knowing that a piercing alarm would sound if anyone broke a window or opened a door, a call would be placed to security monitoring who would call us and, if needed, the police, a motion sensor would also trigger an alarm if anything moved inside our home that should not be there, and that I could both monitor and adjust our thermostat and lights (both indoor and outdoor) while enjoying Thanksgiving dinner 700 miles away… knowing all of this gave me a peace of mind that was worth FAR more than the low amount we pay each month.

As parents of lovely young women and as grandparents to precious little souls, we appreciate that our home is secure. It isn’t always just our stuff that is important. Sometimes those little children nap here. And, as a Dad, Zane knows what we know- the people we love in life- they are our most valuable treasure. Whether we are home or away, we are offered security.


Premier Security, LLC has served clients in Derby, Wichita and outlying areas since 2008. Zane has been a resident of Derby since 2006. He enjoys watching, coaching and participating in all sports. Makinley plays softball, basketball and volleyball and sings in the choir. Together, Zane and Makinley like to attend sporting events, go to movies, eat out and cook together. They have a relaxed, close relationship- of which humor and good-natured teasing seems to be a foundation.


They are fond of the Pittsburgh Steelers. These are fighting words in my old stomping grounds of northeast Ohio where the rivalry between the Cleveland Browns and the Steelers is real, alive and brooding. But, Zane and I negotiate this territory deftly- as only friends can.

Speaking of Cleveland, a super cool and totally factual piece of trivia about Zane is that he was once offered a minor league contract to play for the Cleveland Indians. I went to Indians games when I was growing up… back before they played at Progressive Field. Back even before they played at Jacob’s Field. We went to those games when it was called plain old Municipal Stadium. Who knew I’d meet Zane all these years later and we’d have this Indians link between us? It helps with the whole Steelers thing. Plus he likes dogs, and has one himself- a 5 year old German Shepherd (because what did you expect a security guy to have?!) named Hershey.


I asked Zane, if he could live in a super hero’s fortress, that was completely secure, where would it be and what special features would it have?

“I already have said super hero fortress,” he said, “and while I can’t tell you where it is, I will say that it’s fortified with Premier Security: motion-activated alarm triggers, cameras, and automation.”

Zane also offers home theater design installation and service. But that’s a whole other blog.


If you want a sense of security and safety in your home, call Zane at: (316)264-4646 and/or check out their web site at: www.PremierProSecurity.com

If you have people, in or out of your home you would like photographed, call Norma at (316) 648-7498 and reserve your session today! www.MarkingTheMomentPhotography.com.
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When You Marry Your Best Friend

Seventeen years ago Melisa and Javier met at a birthday party he was throwing for a co-worker of theirs. This was a significant party: sixteen years ago this month Melisa and Javier got married.


The couple celebrated their sixteenth anniversary earlier this month by taking a weekend getaway to a bed and breakfast- something they like to do.

They have three children, Bryce, Ella and Daniel.


Bryce is a “band geek,” can play several musical instruments and would like to be a music teacher one day. Daniel is a “gamer,” who enjoys his x-box and tablet and would like to be a photographer. Ella is a dancer who has danced for 7 of her 9 years and would like to be a teacher. The family shares their home with their three dogs, Sissy, Snowball and Tuck and their guinea pig, Buzz. Most of the time every one gets along pretty well. 🙂

I know that Bryce is fond of pancakes and during our shoot with the family, I revealed our family secret for particularly fluffy pancakes: add carbonated soda instead of milk to the batter. We often use sugar-free peach flavored carbonated water. Colorless is best. The carbonation works wonders to raise the cakes to fluffy treats.


The guys in the family like to camp and fish. But they- all three- are good about spending time with mom.


The girls in the family enjoy shopping and scrapbooking, though Ella is a bit of a Daddy’s girl.

Melisa works as a para-professional in the same school her daughter attends. She is also a Mary Kay Cosmetics consultant who would be happy to help you feel and look your lovliest.  Melisa’s Mary Kay Page Javier is a manager at Spirit AerosSystems. This is a local family with deep-running ties to the community, having always lived in Wichita. They were a delight during their photo shoot. This is a family who laughs together and enjoys one another’s company.

But what I love most about this family is that, at it’s heart, is the love of two clear soul mates. “My favorite thing about Javier is that he works really hard to provide for his family. No matter what, he loves me and puts me above all else. He is my best friend!!!!”

As a woman who is also blessed enough to be married to her best friend- I know this is the best way to go. And I know that more happy years are in store for this couple and their whole family. Because when you go through life surrounded by those you love, you are waaaayyyyyy ahead of the game.


Have a family? Need current family portraits? Call Norma at (316) 648-7498 and reserve your spot today! www.MarkingTheMomentPhotography.com.
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When Networkers Become Clients: Curtis Clears the Way

Curtis is one of the first people I encountered when I began attending the networking group I eventually joined.  And for this I am grateful. The Referral Rockstars, a chapter of BNI (Business Networking Intl,) is a group of 50 outgoing, charismatic personalities. Think of the talker in your workplace- the one who doesn’t know a stranger and always has a story to tell. Now think of that person times 50, and you have a glimpse of the energy in this room I now go to regularly. But I recall feeling a little daunted at the first meeting. Perhaps even the second. But… there was Curtis. And Curtis has this calm, gentleness to him. Curtis is a kind, welcoming soul.

He has known his wife, Angela, since they were children. They met at a church camp in Missouri and became friends. Their families moved. Their paths separated a time or two. But they always came back together. And you can tell by being around them that this is because that is where they belong- with each other.  Angela is quiet, but very funny. They are two people of deep convictions and firmly held beliefs. They live out their beliefs and model their faith.

Smiling couple in Riverside Park

Curtis and Angela, married for nearly eleven years

I once asked Angela to tell me her favorite thing about Curtis. She thought for a moment and said, “Oh that would be very, very hard to choose. There are so many things.” Curtis felt a calling to ministry and Angela supported him completely. He is pastor of the Wichita Bible Holiness Church, and their family is committed to their church family. Curtis would love to see the church grow in membership. But it is important to him that the church be strong, not only in number, but also in their outreach.

Curtis and Angela have three sons:

8 year old boy

Travis, age 8


Corey, age 6


and Eric, age 3

But there is more to Curtis than his welcoming spirit, his pastoral qualities and his family life.

Curtis works for CLEARS, Inc., and local company that screens backgrounds for potential employees, volunteers or tenants. Now… how about that for a valuable service? Honestly, this company can save you from becoming entangled with some individuals that could create problems. I know that any time we use and intern or hire an employee to work around our clients,  we will first have CLEARS check their background for trouble signs.

So, see what I mean about Curtis? He clears the way to make room in his life and family for God. He tries his best to clear the way for God to be present to the community. And he works for a company that can clear the way to valuable peace of mind when hiring someone.


Looking for a church home? Curtis would love to talk to you about that. Call: (316) 942-3313. Need a background check? Curtis can help you with that at CLEARS, (316)683- 6861

Lastly, feeling intimidated at a networking function? Look for the kind, gentle souls like Curtis. They’re there- waiting to help.


Email: Norma@MarkingTheMomentPhotography.com.
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Solomon — 7 Weeks Cute!


Solomon came to our studio for a baby photography session at 7 weeks old. It’s not a typical age — but given how cute he was, maybe it should be! Solomon was the happiest, easiest little guy in the studio that day.


Normally we either photograph newborns, within their first 10 days, or 3 month olds as part of our First Year Baby Photo Program, (which includes sessions at 3 month, 6 months, 9 months and 1 year, ending with a cake smash!) But Solomon’s session was a treat for us.

All he needed was a blanket, whether patterned or solid white…


And his mama…


Know anyone expecting a baby, or who already has an infant? We would love to work with them. We customize our sessions for every family and baby who comes through our door.

Solomon’s parents bought a family photography package that we donated to the Via Christi annual fundraiser and gala, the Emerald Ball. Stay tuned for a blog on their family photo session!

How recent are your professional family photos? Let us help! Call Norma at (316) 648-7498 and reserve your spot today! www.MarkingTheMomentPhotography.com.
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Woofstock 2014: A Great Community Event — Wichita Family Photographers

One of our favorite community events to attend yearly is Woofstock — an annual fundraiser held by the Kansas Humane Society in Sedgwick County Park on the first Saturday of each October.

Big Dogs, Little Dogs


Sometimes Big Dogs With Little Dogs


Pumpkin Dogs, Taco Dogs


Even Super Hero Dogs


Dogs Come Alone


And Dogs Make Friends


Some Dogs Just Enjoy The Walking, The Sunshine and All Those Smells. 🙂


If you’ve never been to this awesome event, set aside some time on Saturday, October 3rd, 2015. You may even get to hug a Big Red Dog! We’ll see you there!


At Marking the Moment Photography, a local Wichita photography studio, we photograph children and families — sometimes with their dogs. Looking for a current family photography portrait? Fall portraits? Family Christmas Card ideas? Call us for your family photography needs.

At our studio, we place emphasis on fun during our relaxed shoots. We always allow an unlimited time to get the right pictures of your family. A relaxed family and a fun session translates into portraits you’ll treasure! Call Norma at (316) 648-7498 and reserve your spot today! www.MarkingTheMomentPhotography.com.
Email: Norma@MarkingTheMomentPhotography.com.
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Suzy: Family and Fidelity


When I joined the BNI (Business Networking International) chapter last year, the Referral Rockstars, Suzy Chapman was the Vice President. She soon became the President and has been so for most of my time with the group. She runs the meetings smoothly and keeps us on track. This is saying something since we are a group of 50 professionals- most of whom like to talk. What I admire most is that she runs the meetings efficiently- without treating us like children. Suzy probably learned these skills managing at Fidelity bank. She started there fourteen years ago and has been there for almost all of her career.


And running a family of four has to have equipped her with some skills, too. Suzy has been married to Lorenzo for fourteen years. 2000 was a big year for Suzy. She got married and began her banking career. Suzy and Lorenzo have two daughters: Aly, 12, and Carly, 9. The family loves to go to the lake, spending weekends there camping, tubing, and playing together. They support one another’s pursuits and approach sports as a family activity- attending their daughter’s games with gusto.


Suzy is, as they say, a Git R Done Girl. Have an unruly group that needs to be led, just give Suzy the room. Have a bank branch that needs to be run, even though it is large, just give Suzy a desk. A newly built home that needs to be put into order? Give Suzy a little time. How about a bare yard that needs to be sodded? Back up the truck.

Suzy has help. She has a great husband, a good staff and people to support her. One of the things I like about Suzy… she doesn’t run her life like a one-woman show. We’re all here to take the ride together. But you do need someone to keep an eye on the big picture, the long-term, the clock and the budget. And as an artist type who shapes details, I admire this capability of Suzy’s. I own a small business. I can act like a manager when I need to. But it is not my natural tendency.


What Suzy loves best about her job at Fidelity is meeting business customers and training her staff. That IS her natural tendency- to manage. But to do so in a personal manner.



Suzy was one of our earliest BNI clients. And she has used us several times. BNI has helped our studio grow, as we, in turn,  hopefully have helped other businesses grow. We are a room full of field-specific professionals (one photographer, one chiropractor, one bank loan manager per chapter, etc) who hire one another when needs arise. BUT we are also a group of 50 consumers who refer people we know to that one plumber, that one computer doctor in our chapter, etc. So not only has Suzy hired us, she regularly passes out our cards and brags on our work. Suzy is a great example of how and why networking works. And Patrick and I are grateful to her.



Need a loan? Suzy specializes in home equity lines of credit. She has done it for years, has the honesty and integrity you want in a banker, AND she’ll make you smile while you fill out paperwork. 🙂 Plus her office is conveniently located downtown where her desk sits by huge north-facing windows with the beautiful soft kind of light that makes everyone look their best. Some banks are boring with bad light- we all know this. But the artist in me is speaking now. This is why the world needs managers. The point is: call Suzy!

Suzy Chapman, Fidelity Bank

Assistant Vice President

Branch Manager ll

(316)268-7406, schapman@fidelitybank.com

At Marking The Moment Photography, we offer relaxed family photo shoots. Our goal is to provide your family with both an enjoyable experience and top-notch images. We have studio space for indoor shoots, and are located two minutes from beautiful Riverside Park for outdoor shoots. We can do a hybrid shoot of both. Or we can travel to your home or choice of location.
Email: Norma@MarkingTheMomentPhotography.com.
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Peyton Turns One!

We can’t custom-order the personality a child will have. And it isn’t like a baby can say, “Hello. Nice world you guys have here. I’m Charlie. I’m responsible and dependable. I have dry humor and an irrational fear of zoos. Intellectually I know zoos are safe. But emotionally they freak me out. I don’t like to be cold, so keep those blankets handy. And I have a low threshold for pain, so the teething months are going to be rocky for both of us.”


No, we have to spend time with a baby, waiting for glimpses of their personality to emerge. Even as babies grow into children, they are a bit of a case study. We watch as they are introduced to new situations and assess their reactions. Are they shy? Outgoing? Do they freely babble? Are they quiet? As the child ages, we witness their tendencies, responses and behavior: we get to know them.


I knew when Peyton was ten months old that she is affectionate. I believe this is something I will be saying about her as she grows up, “Peyton is loving and affectionate.” As soon as she had the necessary motor skills, she began to initiate hugs. She initiates the hug. Now that she’s a year old, she freely doles out kisses. She is quick with a wave hello and a smile- she does not have to be prompted. She notices others, wants to be close to them, and wants to connect with them.


Yes, I believe Peyton is a lovebug. Her older sister. Karter,  has many other strengths, and we love her completely. But I will likely always have to ask Karter for a hug. That’s just fine, she shows me she loves me by wanting to play or be chased, or tickled. I suspect she and I will always be playful with one another. But I bet Peyton will reach for my hand or climb in my lap. Personality traits, they arrive differently with each child.

Enjoy this, your second year of life, Peyton. Its been a great ride to your first birthday! Those of us in your world can’t wait to get to know you more!




Celebrate your child’s individuality with a custom designed photo shoot. We can build a birthday shoot, whether it’s for a first birthday cake smash or a shoot for an older child. And we are happy to tailor a photo session around your child or your family without a birthday. 🙂 Marking the Moment Photography, a Wichita, Kansas-based studio is located in the north riverside part of Wichita. We can shoot in our studio, outdoors or at a location of your choice. Call Norma today with questions or to book a session.

Email: Norma@MarkingTheMomentPhotography.com.
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