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Solomon — 7 Weeks Cute!


Solomon came to our studio for a baby photography session at 7 weeks old. It’s not a typical age — but given how cute he was, maybe it should be! Solomon was the happiest, easiest little guy in the studio that day.


Normally we either photograph newborns, within their first 10 days, or 3 month olds as part of our First Year Baby Photo Program, (which includes sessions at 3 month, 6 months, 9 months and 1 year, ending with a cake smash!) But Solomon’s session was a treat for us.

All he needed was a blanket, whether patterned or solid white…


And his mama…


Know anyone expecting a baby, or who already has an infant? We would love to work with them. We customize our sessions for every family and baby who comes through our door.

Solomon’s parents bought a family photography package that we donated to the Via Christi annual fundraiser and gala, the Emerald Ball. Stay tuned for a blog on their family photo session!

How recent are your professional family photos? Let us help! Call Norma at (316) 648-7498 and reserve your spot today! www.MarkingTheMomentPhotography.com.
Email: Norma@MarkingTheMomentPhotography.com.
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Wichita Family Photographers: Happy Birthday, Lauren!


Our youngest daughter, Lauren,  turns twenty years old today. She has always really loved her birthday. As a girl she looked forward to her birthday for weeks beforehand. And she celebrated so happily once the day arrived. It was sweet to watch. And even a little inspirational. Most of us don’t allow ourselves this joy. But it was authentic with Lauren. “Of course it’s a great day,” her behavior and beaming smiles seemed to say, “It’s my birthday!” I never heard her say this out loud. But she didn’t need to.

She lived with us on her last birthday. Patrick and I covered her bedroom door with balloons. We knew her future birthdays would have a different and more grown-up feel to them. Because on her birthday last year, there was less than a month until her wedding day. Her then-fiance made her day special by filling it with many thoughtful gestures and surprises. And we were happy to see this. But we knew that Lauren’s days as Lil Lo Patty, as her Dad has always called her, were dwindling down.

And so, last year on her birthday, Lauren was about to be married. Two years ago, on her birthday, she was newly graduated from high school. This year, Lauren is a mother to a two-month old son, Landon. She is a grown woman. She is a mom. She and her husband are building up several small businesses. I feel a bit of sadness as I write this, because I miss that young girl who celebrated so simply. I am her Bonus Mom. Some may suggest that I do not really have the right to feel bittersweet about Lauren’s growing up. But I do.


I love her husband. And I know he loves her. They’ll have a great life together, both as a couple and with their family. I know they’ll find success and have great experiences. And I am thrilled about these things. But I do miss the little girl who would fall asleep curled up by her Dad while watching a movie on the couch.

So now we bond over “The Walking Dead” and planning future family vacations. Lauren and her Dad meet once weekly for breakfast. They are both quiet. I don’t think a whole lot gets said over those breakfasts. But they both enjoy them, because they have that ease with one another- that ease where it’s okay to be quiet. Now two-month old Landon joins them. And some day, a long time from now, when Patrick and I are gone, Lauren will be realizing that she misses this small, young version of Landon. And that time passed too quickly. And that he’s about to turn twenty.

Happy Birthday, Lauren. You are our funny, athletic, beautiful, strong girl. But not really a girl. You grew up. We love you.



Michael and Lauren DeGraffenreid are part owners and instructors at 300 Functional Fitness.
Sign up for classes and get information at (316) 258-4181 Email: MichaelDeGraffenreid@yahoo.com
Website: http://300fit.us

We at Marking the Moment Photography love birthdays and we love our family!

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Class of 2014, Got R Done

Today was a happy day- a day full of pride and tears. We watched our middle daughter graduate from Friends University today. Patrick calls her his “Get ‘R Done” Girl.


I am the bonus Mom. So I did not know the girls when they were all small. But, by all accounts, Marisa was the one who planned ahead, met deadlines early, took on challenges in short order. Marisa’s grandparents have passed, but we all heard Grandma Mac tell (and retell, lol) the story of how determined little three year-old Marisa taught herself to ride a bike one day at the lake. She just… set a goal… and accomplished it. Another time, eight year-old Marisa saw a girly, glittery pair of red shoes in Dilliard’s. Upon hearing that, no, she would not be getting those shoes because she did not need them, she informed her parents that she would earn them. Believing her, because she is Marisa, they purchased those shoes. She saved up her allowance and paid of that debt with no prompting or pressing. She zeroed in on a goal, and got ‘r done.

Patrick keeps those shoes on a shelf in his office. Because they are such a powerful symbol of who this young woman is. Determined. Able. Focused.


Marisa and CJ had children along the way to her college degree. Karter and Peyton. Marisa is a wonderful Mom. She stayed in school. She and CJ have faced a lot in their young lives. And they have both worked hard- really hard. CJ never misses a day of work, in fact he built up his company, Smith Painting and Remodeling. Those two little girls, our granddaughters, are loved and cared for and nurtured. These things do not happen accidentally.


Marisa and CJ got engaged last week. It’s been a big week! But Marisa’s lifelong parents, Patrick and Mary, and her bonus mom, me, all knew that this day would come. We all knew that Marisa would accomplish this goal. Because she set it. And that’s what she does… gets things done.

I love these girls who have become my family. And I am so happy and proud. You know Patrick… he’s quiet. But he is proud, too. And our hearts were so full of love today. If the members of the Class of 2014 set a goal to make parents feel so very proud… well then… they took that goal and Got ‘R Done. lol


Marking the Moment Photography serves clients in Wichita, Kansas and outlying areas. If you have a milestone coming up, we’d love to take your photos. But even if you don’t hire us… take pictures. Because days like today are the days that fill us.

(316) 648-7498
Email: Norma@MarkingTheMomentPhotography.com.
Facebook address: www.Facebook.com/markingthemomentphotography.
Twitter: @MarkingMomntPix

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Back Yard Slumber Party


Some days are made for staying in your jammies. Some days are just right for jumping on the bed. Some days are perfect for taking a nap. A reeeeaaaalllllyyy good day allows you to do all three- with people you love. AND a beloved stuffed animal.


We love these kinds of photo shoots! Our job allows us to photograph magical, fun moments. Heck, our job calls us to create magical, fun moments. And a reeeaaaaalllllyyy good day for us is when we do this, and successfully capture the magic for our clients.


At Marking the Moment Photography, a Wichita studio specializing in Children’s and Family Photography, we love photographing super-heroes, fairies, jumpers-on-bedders, runners-thru-sprinklers and all other whimsical creatures. Shy, talkative, only child, one child of many… boy, girl, family, baby… we love working with them all. Do you have current family photos? Call us, we tailor sessions to your needs and wants. We are open to your great ideas. Or we can shape a session for you. But let’s capture this stage of your jammie-wearer!

Call Norma for information. (316)648-7498 or email at Norma@MarkingTheMomentPhotography.com
Visit us at: www.MarkingTheMomentPhotography.com and on Pinterest



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An Early Surprise

Landon was due to arrive to our world yesterday, April 18, 2014. Our timeframe meant little. You know what they say, “man makes plans, God laughs.” We really do control so much less than we like to believe. And so, 5 weeks early, on Tuesday, March 11, when we got the call that Landon was on his way, the news came with a jolt of concern. Would his little lungs have had enough time to develop? Would he be strong enough?

But he was ready. Landon knew he was ready, even if the rest of us may have doubted it.


His little heart has to grow into the strength of a full-term baby. He wears a monitor that beeps to alert his parents if his heart rate dips or his breathing slows. But he is beautifully, wonderfully made, and has the spirit of his parents — both determined athletes. And his parents, along with the rest of us, his family, love him completely.


Landon is a mellow, sweet, yet strong little man.


We look forward to reading, playing, laughing, snacking and traveling through life with this wonder who is our grandson. Someday it will probaby be hard to remember how we worried over his early birth. He will be full of rambunctiousness, building forts and playing cars. But for now, we pray extra hard.

Welcome to our world, Landon! We love you.


In Wichita, Marking the Moment Photography, photographs newborn babies. Call Norma McCafferty at 316-648-7498 for information.

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TBT: Peyton: Birth-8mo

Throwback Thursday: Here is the monthly photographic journey of happy, sweet, funny Peyton over the last 8 months. A fun way to document the growth and development of a baby during their first month is to include a stuffed animal in each shot throughout the year. Monthly Onesie Stickers from http://simpleandstunning2.etsy.com/ gave the photos a CUTE feel and look of continuity. 🙂

Month One: Tiny enough to fit in a basket.
Month Two: Ignoring Stuffed Dog.
Month Three: Getting used to Stuffed Dog.
Month Four: Getting to like Stuffed Dog.
Month Five: BFF with Stuffed Dog.
Month Six: Leaning on Stuffed Dog.
Month Seven: Sitting taller than Stuffed Dog.
Month Eight: A party on her own. Who needs Stuffed Dog?

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I like a full house.
I like the sounds and the energy of family and friends celebrating big moments — like the safety and health of a premature grandson.
Or celebrating a winning season of the local team. Go Shox!
Patrick and I are blessed in so many ways, and we make a point to recognize this each day.
Whether you have a birthday, a game, the acquisition of the perfect pair of shoes or the loss of 5 lbs — or no reason at all — play with your people.
Life is too short not to.
Here is our grandson, Landon. The first family party he attended was to celebrate the Shockers invitation to The Big Dance.

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