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Cinco de Mayo- Borrowing Traditions


We are a blended family. And just like any family, we look for reasons to celebrate and get together. We have formed traditions along the way. The girls, and now their children, set out shoes on the eve of St. Nicholas Day and Patrick and I fill the shoes with treats. We gather one Sunday evening a month for Game Night (Now that there are small children this is often just dinner and visiting. But we still call it Game Night.) We decorate holiday cookies. We take a portrait of every family member when their birthday is coming up. (I think these will be a good record of how everyone looked through the years.) We make S’Mores on the fire pit in the fall.


So we do have traditions that are our own… that have developed over time. But… we also don’t often turn down a reason to get together and goof around. And so it goes with Cinco de Mayo. I’m sure this holiday has rich meaning to many. And we certainly respect that. But for us, it is a borrowed holiday. And we appreciate the privilege.

This evening, we ate as a family, enjoying Mexican food. And then we played with a piñata. Our oldest granddaughter, she’ll be three this fall, was the main participant. But Auntie Lolo helped.


And the main point is… we did it as a family. I think those from the culture who grew up with Cinco de Mayo, and for whom the day holds symbolic meaning, would be fine with that. Just as we would be happy if a blended family in another culture gathered on the 4th of July, and “borrowed” it to eat and play and celebrate together.

Because in the end, no matter the particular culture we were born into, family is what matters.




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Wichita Family Photographers: Chinese New Year


On Sunday, according to the Chinese zodiac, the Year of the Dragon will draw to an end and make way for the Year of the Snake. At MTMP, we don’t know all the subtleties of the celebration of the Chinese New Year. But we LOVE celebrations! And this one lasts one full week. There will be fireworks, feasts and mah-jong games aplenty. Plus, we have these festive ornaments. So, happy Chinese New Year. May the Year of the Snake kiss you instead of bite you.

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