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Carlos, Kibbles and Their People





We have a sweet dog who has kept me going through the loss of a parent, who has lovingly watched over our grandchildren from their infancy and who, just as your dog does for you, loves us unfailingly. Lexi is, most of the time, a well behaved dog.

One weekend, though, we boarded her at our trusted vet’s kennel while we worked with a bride in Kansas City. Upon our return, Hannah informed us that Lexi had figured out how to undo the clasp on the doors and had treated herself to free roam of the place on Saturday after staff went home. Instead of delivering this news with disdain, Hannah smiled her pretty, slightly shy smile. Her gentleness allowed us to feel okay about our dog’s misbehavior. And I’ve always remembered that.

Hannah, a beautiful young woman, is married to her high school sweetheart, Tyler. And Carlos and Kibbles round out their cute family.



Hannah and Tyler could have easily missed meeting each other. Hannah had always lived in Derby, KS and attended Derby schools. She moved right before her senior year in high school. “A tough time to move!” I commented. “It was hard. But it worked out,” she said with that sweet smile, and glanced at Tyler, whom she met during their shared senior year.


Tyler is a quiet guy who loves the outdoors. He is a fire sprinkler installer. And this, if you have ever lived through a fire, you realize is a hugely important job.

Hannah loves that Tyler enjoys the outdoors. And though Tyler appreciates the same quality in Hannah, his favorite thing about her is her eyes. They love hanging out together, especially outdoors. They love riding horses. But even a walk outside with their pals Carlos and Kibbles makes them happy.

Carlos is a lap dog, preferring to stay near his people. Kibbles, though, is spunky and outgoing and will gladly leave Hannah and Tyler for a bit if a good squirrel chase is in the offering.

I know Lexi is in good hands with Hannah. And that means the world to me. We should all be so lucky as to have a Hannah in our lives. I know that’s how Carlos and Kibbles feel. And Tyler, too.


We love Herndon’s Vet Clinic!

At Marking the Moment Photography, we place emphasis on fun during our relaxed shoots. We always allow an unlimited time to get the right pictures of your family. A relaxed family and a fun session translates into portraits you’ll treasure! Call Norma at (316) 648-7498 and reserve your spot today!
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Tacky Christmas Sweaters For the Win


“We want one picture in our tacky Christmas sweaters,” said client Jamie during our phone consultation to plan details of her family session. This was the first time I’d ever had a client say this to me. And these words indicate how fun Clint, Jamie and their little son, Graham, are. They are quick with a laugh and very easy to be around. It’s probably because they are so happy with each other.


They’ve been married several years. But they’ve known each other since attending the same high school. Back then they didn’t hang out. But when they ended up attending the same college, they became great friends. That solid base of friendship lasted until Jamie graduated, two years after Clint. Then they dated. She grew to love how compassionate Clint is. He fell in love with how she brings out the best in people. He could always make her laugh… even when she didn’t want to.

Now they have a happy, happy baby boy. A marriage. A home. A great life together.  A shared love of the Marvel Universe. Jamie’s favorite is Captain America. Clint’s fave is Spiderman. And Graham falls asleep surrounded by all these superheroes- and their superhero buddies- in his room each night.

And let’s not forget Watson.


Watson was found in a neglected state, and brought to Herndon’s Vet Clinic where Jamie works as a vet tech. She tried to find his owners/home. But to no avail. And he was sweet. And Clint loves dachshunds. And they’d talked about getting a dog… Some things are meant to be.

If you need Watson, he’ll no doubt be hanging out very close to his people, possibly snuggling under a blanket. If you need Graham, he’ll no doubt be smiling about something. If you need Clint and Jamie, they may be enjoying their ritual of “Couch Time,” just sitting together and discussing their day.

And really… your day could only get better by spending time with this family. Just look at the sweaters. These are fun people!


At Marking the Moment Photography, we place emphasis on fun during our relaxed shoots. We always allow an unlimited time to get the right pictures of your family. A relaxed family and a fun session translates into portraits you’ll treasure! Call Norma at (316) 648-7498 and reserve your spot today!
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When Networkers Become Clients: Safe and Secure

Do you ever have that feeling, while you’re out enjoying an evening with friends, that Joe Q. Burglar could be rifling through your valuables? Do you ever hear a noise at night and think, “Someone could be breaking in right now and I wouldn’t even know it!” Thankfully I am not plagued by these concerns, and haven’t been for nearly two years. We met Zane at our chapter of BNI (Business Networking International). I’ll admit, at first I was a little intimidated by Zane. He’s a broad-shouldered guy of big stature and he runs a home security business. I did not expect him to be warm and fuzzy.


But I got to know Zane, and I found him to be a good guy. Dependable. A devoted father to his daughter, Makinley. He is the type of guy I’d like to have for a neighbor. We talked to him about the service his company offers… and we knew Premier Security, LLC was for us. Soon after our security system was installed, we left to visit my family in Chicago. Knowing that a piercing alarm would sound if anyone broke a window or opened a door, a call would be placed to security monitoring who would call us and, if needed, the police, a motion sensor would also trigger an alarm if anything moved inside our home that should not be there, and that I could both monitor and adjust our thermostat and lights (both indoor and outdoor) while enjoying Thanksgiving dinner 700 miles away… knowing all of this gave me a peace of mind that was worth FAR more than the low amount we pay each month.

As parents of lovely young women and as grandparents to precious little souls, we appreciate that our home is secure. It isn’t always just our stuff that is important. Sometimes those little children nap here. And, as a Dad, Zane knows what we know- the people we love in life- they are our most valuable treasure. Whether we are home or away, we are offered security.


Premier Security, LLC has served clients in Derby, Wichita and outlying areas since 2008. Zane has been a resident of Derby since 2006. He enjoys watching, coaching and participating in all sports. Makinley plays softball, basketball and volleyball and sings in the choir. Together, Zane and Makinley like to attend sporting events, go to movies, eat out and cook together. They have a relaxed, close relationship- of which humor and good-natured teasing seems to be a foundation.


They are fond of the Pittsburgh Steelers. These are fighting words in my old stomping grounds of northeast Ohio where the rivalry between the Cleveland Browns and the Steelers is real, alive and brooding. But, Zane and I negotiate this territory deftly- as only friends can.

Speaking of Cleveland, a super cool and totally factual piece of trivia about Zane is that he was once offered a minor league contract to play for the Cleveland Indians. I went to Indians games when I was growing up… back before they played at Progressive Field. Back even before they played at Jacob’s Field. We went to those games when it was called plain old Municipal Stadium. Who knew I’d meet Zane all these years later and we’d have this Indians link between us? It helps with the whole Steelers thing. Plus he likes dogs, and has one himself- a 5 year old German Shepherd (because what did you expect a security guy to have?!) named Hershey.


I asked Zane, if he could live in a super hero’s fortress, that was completely secure, where would it be and what special features would it have?

“I already have said super hero fortress,” he said, “and while I can’t tell you where it is, I will say that it’s fortified with Premier Security: motion-activated alarm triggers, cameras, and automation.”

Zane also offers home theater design installation and service. But that’s a whole other blog.


If you want a sense of security and safety in your home, call Zane at: (316)264-4646 and/or check out their web site at:

If you have people, in or out of your home you would like photographed, call Norma at (316) 648-7498 and reserve your session today!
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When You Marry Your Best Friend

Seventeen years ago Melisa and Javier met at a birthday party he was throwing for a co-worker of theirs. This was a significant party: sixteen years ago this month Melisa and Javier got married.


The couple celebrated their sixteenth anniversary earlier this month by taking a weekend getaway to a bed and breakfast- something they like to do.

They have three children, Bryce, Ella and Daniel.


Bryce is a “band geek,” can play several musical instruments and would like to be a music teacher one day. Daniel is a “gamer,” who enjoys his x-box and tablet and would like to be a photographer. Ella is a dancer who has danced for 7 of her 9 years and would like to be a teacher. The family shares their home with their three dogs, Sissy, Snowball and Tuck and their guinea pig, Buzz. Most of the time every one gets along pretty well. 🙂

I know that Bryce is fond of pancakes and during our shoot with the family, I revealed our family secret for particularly fluffy pancakes: add carbonated soda instead of milk to the batter. We often use sugar-free peach flavored carbonated water. Colorless is best. The carbonation works wonders to raise the cakes to fluffy treats.


The guys in the family like to camp and fish. But they- all three- are good about spending time with mom.


The girls in the family enjoy shopping and scrapbooking, though Ella is a bit of a Daddy’s girl.

Melisa works as a para-professional in the same school her daughter attends. She is also a Mary Kay Cosmetics consultant who would be happy to help you feel and look your lovliest.  Melisa’s Mary Kay Page Javier is a manager at Spirit AerosSystems. This is a local family with deep-running ties to the community, having always lived in Wichita. They were a delight during their photo shoot. This is a family who laughs together and enjoys one another’s company.

But what I love most about this family is that, at it’s heart, is the love of two clear soul mates. “My favorite thing about Javier is that he works really hard to provide for his family. No matter what, he loves me and puts me above all else. He is my best friend!!!!”

As a woman who is also blessed enough to be married to her best friend- I know this is the best way to go. And I know that more happy years are in store for this couple and their whole family. Because when you go through life surrounded by those you love, you are waaaayyyyyy ahead of the game.


Have a family? Need current family portraits? Call Norma at (316) 648-7498 and reserve your spot today!
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One Year Ago Today…

A year ago today we met a young man we would grow to love. Landon came into the world earlier than expected. Early enough that I was very worried. Early enough that he’d be whisked away to the Neo-Natal Intensive Care Unit where he was hooked up to a myriad of wires, machines, and monitors. We had to remove all jewelry, scrub our hands and arms and sign forms each time we wanted to visit him- which we could only do two at a time and during very limited hours.


I was afraid. I prayed. A lot.

But within a couple days he was moved to a Guarded Care Unit where he remained for more than a week. This was a little less nerve-wracking. But… still I worried. It seemed a lot… all the wires and cords and beeping monitors… for a little baby. And it seemed like a lot for his Mom and Dad to deal with.

But Landon turns one year old today. And he is thriving. Strong. Happy. Loving. Funny. And very healthy.

And our hearts are full of gratitude.

Here is a little glimpse of what we saw as this sweet boy grew:

Landon at 3 Months, apparently thinking, “Aw, Mom… not in front of everyone.” 🙂


Landon at 6 Months, this smile is a constant. He is a happy, cheerful soul.


Landon enjoying Autumn


Landon enjoying Christmas


And, Landon nearing in on one year of life… rocking a vest and standing like a champ.


Happy Birthday, Landon. We are so glad to know you. We are so grateful for the privilege of loving you. You make us laugh. We can’t even imagine not having you in our lives. And we look forward to all that we’ll share together this year on your way to Year Two!

Know anyone who has or expecting a baby? Have them contact Norma for information on our first year baby program! 316.648.7498.
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Wichita Family Photographer: Miracles All Around

Jill and Cole used to make Friday outings to feed the ducks. Now Cole is a busy senior at Maize High School- running Track and Cross Country. He does more than run at these events. He excels. And Jill is right there cheering him on. This fall he’ll be heading to college to run for Emporia State.


Cole’s departure to college will mark a new stage of life for both son and mom. They’ve been a tight family unit- facing life, cracking each other up, enjoying snacks (preferably chocolate) and supporting one another daily for a long time.


Jill, realizing that change was coming, began training to teach cycle spin classes. She is also considering going back to school herself. She has been that mom who attended events and scrapbooked details. But as devoted as she is as a mom, or in fact, perhaps because of it, she cultivated new interests. She is excited for Cole and wants to allow him emotional freedom to soar from the nest. It will be a challenge. But one has to admire the model she is offering her son. And the lessons about taking care of oneself and of letting go. Those are choices of strength.


Its not that Jill won’t have much to do. She has worked for Children’s Miracle Network for 5 years. She is responsible for fundraising, event planning, board development and working with families of sick and injured kids and/or families who need assistance in 64 counties of Kansas. She knows these children and these parents. I’ve seen the look of love and gratitude that washes over them because of the work that she does.


I met Jill through our professional networking group, (Business Networking International). Our chapter meets weekly and I see firsthand details of many of the events she coordinates- from setting up dates when a percentage of all Dairy Queen Bizzards purchased goes to CMN, to the huge, vast administrative effort that goes into the Shockerthon held at Wichita State each November. Jill is in the midst of efforts to improve the lives of children every single week of the year. This is important, life-changing work. And Jill does it with a smile and a hug.

When I asked Jill what her favorite quality about Cole is, she replied, “he never quits.” After knowing Jill for these several years I can confidently observe that he must get this from his mom. As well as her easy, beaming smile.


Cole would love to travel to Oregon. Jill would love to take him to Europe. Given the determination both mother and son, I expect to see photos from both of these trips some day. Because when you have a “never quit” attitude, when you run so fiercely after your dreams, when you show such loyal dedication to those you love… and those in the community… miracles happen,

Know a sick or injured Kansas kid who faces medical needs, Children’s Miracle Network helps thousands of children each year.
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Twitter: @MarkingMomntPix


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Wichita Family Photography: A Day at the Park

Okay… close your eyes and imagine a circa 1980’s Jazzercise outfit. Headband. Tights. Leg warmers. Now imagine a mom and baby girl wearing this in autumn of last year. 🙂

Lia dressed herself and little Teagan like this and won a photo shoot in the Cutest Kid’s Halloween Costume Contest that was held by Professional Home Buyers. And that is how and why we met Lia’s cute family. After seeing the workout photo, I had high expectations that the shoot would be fun. And this family did not disappoint.


Teagan is the only member of her Dad’s family not be born in Kansas. Those are some deep-running roots. But this little family is a Wichita family once again. They live, work and play in Wichita along with their yellow lab named Duke.


Teagan keeps herself busy constantly playing with her socks and shoes and transforming anything she can find into a scarf. It is not unusual to see her proudly wearing her latest “scarf belt” or “scarf shirt” as she goes around happily clapping, dancing, hiding, seeking and singing. She does stop playing periodically to eat. On a good day the meal consists of her favorite: macaroni and cheese.


This is a close, loving family. You only have to be around them a few moments to feel this. And this made photographing them a snap. We spent part of a beautiful, mild November afternoon with them in the park. We were able to shoot images for their Christmas card as well as some “regular” shots. This is important stuff- documenting family moments in different stages of life and varying ages. Patrick and I feel privileged to do this work- and we enjoy afternoons like this one.


Do you have a current family photo? We’d love to work with you. We have a clean, smoke-free studio in our home near the river in the North Riverside area of Wichita. We can shoot in-studio, outdoors or on location. And, if you want to wear a shirt around your neck, we won’t judge. 🙂

Call Norma at (316) 648-7498 and reserve your spot today!
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