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Marking the Moment Photography
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Patrick McCafferty- Photographer:

A lifelong photography enthusiast, I began learning how to develop pictures in our bathroom at age eleven. Later, I built a darkroom as I accumulated equipment. As a young man, I learned techniques and tips of wedding photography from an uncle. I formalized my training by taking photography classes. I built a wedding photography business and enjoyed the work very much. All this experience in photography was film based.

My career at Cessna Aircraft, which has spanned thirty-five years, and parenthood, caused me to focus my attention on other things. I remained interested in photography through the years and was excited to witness the change from film to digital photography. I enjoyed shooting photos and spent leisure time continuing to learn and study photography.

I enjoyed, through the years, taking portraits because this act allows a photographer to almost see inside someone, and to know them better. I enjoyed shooting landscapes because it kept my eye sharp by forcing me to view surroundings outside of the usual way of looking at things.

My youngest daughter is about to graduate from high school, and my oldest from college. Looking ahead, I know my days of working in IT will draw to a close when I retire. And I want to shape a life, with my wife and partner, of capturing beautiful moments- both small and grand- for clients who will treasure these images.

Norma McCafferty- Creative Director:

I invented electricity.
I am an avid surfer.
I smell like vanilla and lilac happiness.
I am the luckiest woman you’ll ever meet.

Okay. So only the last statement is true. But the important thing is that it IS true.

I get to work everyday with my best friend and husband (the same guy). We capture meaningful moments of our clients’ lives. Sometimes this includes fairy wings, tents, pumpkins, wedding dresses and sparklers. Not all at the same time. I have family nearby (I am the bonus mom to 3 beautiful grown women). And I have family spread throughout the country. I have friendships that have lasted for decades. See? I AM both lucky and blessed.

Now… Would you believe me if I said I was an astronaut?

Oh… and our dog Lexi — she generally stays out of photography details.