One Year Ago Today…

A year ago today we met a young man we would grow to love. Landon came into the world earlier than expected. Early enough that I was very worried. Early enough that he’d be whisked away to the Neo-Natal Intensive Care Unit where he was hooked up to a myriad of wires, machines, and monitors. We had to remove all jewelry, scrub our hands and arms and sign forms each time we wanted to visit him- which we could only do two at a time and during very limited hours.


I was afraid. I prayed. A lot.

But within a couple days he was moved to a Guarded Care Unit where he remained for more than a week. This was a little less nerve-wracking. But… still I worried. It seemed a lot… all the wires and cords and beeping monitors… for a little baby. And it seemed like a lot for his Mom and Dad to deal with.

But Landon turns one year old today. And he is thriving. Strong. Happy. Loving. Funny. And very healthy.

And our hearts are full of gratitude.

Here is a little glimpse of what we saw as this sweet boy grew:

Landon at 3 Months, apparently thinking, “Aw, Mom… not in front of everyone.” 🙂


Landon at 6 Months, this smile is a constant. He is a happy, cheerful soul.


Landon enjoying Autumn


Landon enjoying Christmas


And, Landon nearing in on one year of life… rocking a vest and standing like a champ.


Happy Birthday, Landon. We are so glad to know you. We are so grateful for the privilege of loving you. You make us laugh. We can’t even imagine not having you in our lives. And we look forward to all that we’ll share together this year on your way to Year Two!

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