Edie and Todd: It’s a Soulmate Thing

You may not know this… but I am a Rockstar. Patrick is, too! Really. Okay… well not that kind of rock star. We belong to a professional networking group called BNI (Business Networking International). We joined the Wichita, Kansas chapter called the Referral Rockstars. Yes, this is worthwhile. Yes, it is a commitment in terms of time and money. But finally, yes, we get clients, work and income out of it. It has opened doors to opportunities we would not have had otherwise. And, believe it or not, the meetings are often fun. (This blog is not about BNI, but if you have any questions about it, just contact me.)


I met Edie at the Rockstars. She is a massage therapist at Balance and Harmony Therapeutic Massage on West Street. She is great at her job- several people in our family can attest to this. And she is fun. Edie has a playful, open energy. Edie is not a glass-half-empty sort of woman. This is not to say she is a glass-half-full type, either. Edie is a life-is-grand-the-glass-is-spilling-over-with-blessings sort of woman. And she is colorful- she’ll tell you she has too many jobs to count before she found massage- a field she views as her calling. She has adventured through her life. In fact, she met her husband, Todd, while working a former job at a gas station. That was twenty-six years ago. Edie and Todd have been married for twenty-four of those years. And you only have to be around them briefly to know they are still in love.


They have two grown sons and a “daughter from another mother.” They have four dogs and a cat who all get along. This alone should indicate that Edie’s energy is mellow and not at all diva-like. There’s no way four dogs and a cat would coexist peacefully in a home where the woman of the house was throwing fits.


When I asked Edie what she loves most about Todd, she was quiet for a long moment. She told me she could not choose just one thing. “Okay,” I said, “You can have a couple.”

“He knows exactly how to hold me. Physically. Emotionally. However I need at the time- he knows exactly how to hold me.”

“That’s a good answer,” I replied meaning it. “And the other thing?”

“He know me. And he loves me anyway.”

Yep, they are still in love. My bet is that they always will be. They’ll both tell you that they belong together. As one woman who is blessed enough to be traveling through life with my soulmate, I recognize real love when I see it.


Have a significant other? Do you two have current photos together? Or do you have a special occasion coming up? Marking the Moment Photography would be delighted to work with you and capture some fun moments in photographs that you can enjoy now and hand down as heirlooms. Remember how cool it is to look at photos of your parents and grandparents? Even when we photograph family sessions, we make sure to take the parents aside and get some images of them. Call Norma with questions or to book a session today.

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