Wichita Family Photographers: Wayne and Lisa

It’s Kansas. The wind blows hard in Kansas. Crazy hard. Not every day. But when it does, the divas know to stay inside. We had a photo shoot scheduled with Wayne and Lisa. The strong wind showed up that day. This couple performed like champs. Not a shred of diva-ness. Plus, they’re fun to be around. All these factors combined to equal a very enjoyable session.



These crazy kids are getting married this year. In Hawaii! The wind there should treat them better. Not that Lisa is a stranger to any sort of weather condition. She flies to work each day. Yes — flies. From Wichita to Western Kansas where she and her employer, a heart surgeon, tend to patients. She may have won Marking the Moment Client with Most Interesting Job 2012. The only problem is that she has become accustomed to flight in a private plane and the trip to Hawaii may be a long one for her. But there is that wedding that will soften the blow. Not to mention Hawaii.



Here’s what we know about Wayne: He has worked at Koch Industries for 15 years. (He says they’ve been a good company to work for.) He doesn’t watch much TV. He considers himself blessed to be with Lisa. He does not like to shop. He has a very easy-going manner. And he’s quiet around photographers. 🙂

The two of them seem easy and comfortable together and we are glad to have worked with them. Congratulations on finding each other, Lisa and Wayne. And congratulations on your upcoming marriage. Don’t be strangers — you’re too fun to work with!



At Marking the Moment Photography, we place emphasis on fun during our relaxed shoots, no matter the weather. 🙂 We can offer in-studio sessions, outdoor sessions or a mixture of both. Our shoots are easy and relaxed with no specific time limits. Call Norma at (316) 648-7498 for information or to reserve your spot today! www.MarkingTheMomentPhotography.com. Email: Norma@MarkingTheMomentPhotography.com. Facebook address: www.Facebook.com/markingthemomentphotography. Twitter: @MarkingMomntPix



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